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What sleep training method do you use?
A quick Google search will pull up dozens of methods claiming to get your baby sleeping through the night, but they all lack one important factor: an understanding of your baby. Unlike these cookie- cutter methods, we take into consideration the unique personality, habits, and developmental stage of your baby to create a customized plan that will get your baby, and you, sleeping through the night. We are also there with you, in your home, supporting you every step of the way in a way that books and online methods could never do. Learn more about our unique 4-step Thrive method here.


Do you use cry-it-out sleep training methods?
No parent wants to hear their baby cry! Our goal is to help your baby learn to sleep independently and restfully all night long while minimizing tears and maximizing success. As their only form of communication, however, there will be tears in the beginning as they learn this new skill. We’ll discuss this together at great length and create a plan that will get your baby sleeping with as few tears as possible. At the end of our time together, seeing the change in your rested baby will make it all worth it!
How long does it take to sleep train my baby?
Your baby will be sleeping through the night, napping restfully, and putting themselves to bed independently in 72 hours or less.


What if it doesn’t work?
The number one fear we hear from exhausted parents is that it won’t work. Maybe you’ve tried numerous methods before without success. Maybe you are concerned your baby will cry excessively, ultimately for the process not to work and putting them through the ringer for nothing. We completely understand and it’s normal to feel this way. If we decide to work with your family, it’s because we guarantee its success. Our method has flexibility built in so we can adjust and tweak things to make it work for your baby, and our presence means we can directly coach you through any setbacks. We will not let you fail and by saying yes to supporting your family, we 100% promise results. It will work!
How old are the babies you normally work with?
The majority of babies we work with are between 4-16 months old, but we can begin sleep training as early as 12 weeks and up to 3 years.
What about twins? What if they currently share a room?
Absolutely! The great thing about our method is it can be adapted to as many babies as you have! We’ll have your twins sleeping through the night in no time.
What about the “4-month sleep regression”?
What you call a regression, we call a leap! Around the 3-4 month mark, sleepy babies become more alert and aware of their environment. Babies who were once sleeping long stretches or even through the night are now up many times again, much like a newborn. It’s a healthy sign of growth and development, but understandably can be a confusing a frustrating one. We often get phone calls from parents at this time, wondering what’s going on and if we can help. The good news is we can!
Ferber? Dr. Sears? Which sleep training books do you recommend?
Honestly, none! Every book you pick up will say something different, often contradicting one another and resulting in many tears and unsuccessful attempts. Without taking your individual and unique baby into consideration, it’s impossible to suggest a written method that can help. Instead, we apply a fully customizable method that is tailored to your baby, guaranteeing less tears, less stress, and a sleeping baby in a short period of time.
Do you offer over-the-phone support?
We do not. We believe in providing families the most comprehensive, compassionate support in order achieve success in the quickest and easiest way possible. That’s why it’s essential to be with you in your home, coaching and supporting you in real time. This allows us to really get to know you and your baby, answer your questions in the moment, and be by your side through it all. Anything less often doesn’t work and leaves you and your baby working harder and more stressed for a greater period of time.
What’s the best age to sleep train my baby?
Ideally, we like to begin working with families between 12-16 weeks as it’s easiest to sleep train before teething and other big developmental changes. If you’ve missed that window, no problem! We have successfully sleep trained babies up to 18 months. Prior to any training, we will do a full evaluation to determine your baby’s readiness and ensure they are healthy.




How do I know if my baby is ready?
There are four things we look for to determine baby’s readiness: they are healthy and not currently experiencing pain from teething, all caregivers (parents, grandparents, nanny, etc.) are aligned, you’re ready to reduce to one, or no, night feedings, and YOU are ready. If all of those can be checked off, then we can begin!
How do I know if you can really help me?
We complete a comprehensive phone assessment to determine if our method will be a good fit for your family. If we accept you as a client. It’s because we are 100% confident it will work for you. We also offer 4 weeks on ongoing phone and email support after we’ve left your home.
Can you help me sleep train my toddler?
Yes! We use a different technique to help your toddler up to 3 years old successfully sleep through the night and love their “big kid” bed.
Can you help us move a toddler and a baby into the same room?
Yes! Many siblings share a room and we are happy to help you get them sleeping together.
What is your service area?
We work with families on the East Coast, ranging as far south as North Carolina and north as Pennsylvania.


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