As a mom to two rambunctious little girls, some of my favorites moments are when we all gather in our jammies, hunker down on our too-small-for-three rocking chair, and giggle our way through stories of tractors, princesses, and farm animals. These sweet moments of laughter and imagination give us the change to explore exciting new worlds together, and are a reminder to slow down and enjoy the stillness at the end of our bustling and wild days.

From our home to yours, here are ten of our most-read and most-loved bedtime stories:

1. Good night Good night Construction Site

Who says construction vehicles are just for boys? Perfect for all genders, this sweet story lets us dive into the world of dirt and sweat as we say goodnight to dump truck, crane, and his friends as they settle down after a hard day’s work.

2. Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llamas, pajamas, and a need for your mama – we’ve all been there! An Anna Dewdney classic, this book of tender rhymes and beautiful artwork is a great reminder that we’re never too old for cuddles with our mama.

3. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Imagining what my daughters will grow up to be is so bittersweet. I want their littleness to stay in my lap forever, while simultaneously eager to watch them grow into strong, independent women. The Wonderful Things You Will Be allows us to go on that journey together, imagining their future world of endless possibilities and adventure.

4. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Join Mouse in this playful what-comes-next story involving America’s favorite treat: the chocolate chip cookie. And if you have a cookie, of course you’ll want a glass of milk – and so the story goes!

And don’t’ forget to check out the rest of the books in the If You Give A… book series – we adore them all!

5. Be Glad Your Dad Is Not An Octopus

Sometimes dad can drive us crazy, but imagine how much crazier it would be if he was actually an animal! This silly what-if story will have your kiddos in stiches as you explore the possibility of a whale, peacock, or even alligator dad. By the end, they’ll be glad their dad is the unique, caring, and often ridiculous dad that he is.

6. Rosie Revere Engineer

This New York Times bestseller will send your kiddos off to bed dreaming of achieving the impossible. Journey with Rosie, a budding engineer, as she creates wild and wonderful gadgets and along the way discovers the meaning of persistence, ingenuity, and the true meaning of failure.

7. The Wonkey Donkey

Get ready to laugh your way through bedtime with this silly tale of a three-legged donkey. With every page, the rhymes get wilder and descriptions more ridiculous. Good luck getting through the final pages amidst all the giggles!

8. Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

A Caldecot Honors Book, Blueberries For Sal is a sweet tale about a curious young girl and a playful bear bear cub who somehow end up all mixed up! Explore Blueberry Hill with these two rascals and see how they find their ways back to their mamas.

9. A Pizza The Size Of The Sun

Though not technically a bedtime story, this book of poetry is too fun to pass by. Filled with silly rhymes and creative tales, these short poems are perfect for all ages. Enjoy a few pages before bed – though your kiddos will ask you for more!

10. Bear Can’t Sleep

One in a series of books about a loveable brown bear and his pals, Bear Can’t Sleep is a tale of a restless bear who just can’t get the sleep he needs. With the help of his woodland friends, he finally succumbs to a deep winter slumber. The gorgeous artwork and sweet tale of friendship is a great way to end the day with some sleepy vibes.