It’ll get better in a few months. Don’t worry.

It’s just a part of parenthood. You’ll get used to it.

One day you’ll look back and laugh at how crazy this time was.

You just have to suck it up and keep going.


Sound familiar?


From the moment you share the news of your pregnancy, fellow parents are eager to share their stories of sleepless nights, way-too-early mornings, and the 14-cup programmable coffeemaker that saved their sanity. It’s just a part of the package, they say, as though traversing parenthood while sleep deprived and barely cognizant is a rite of passage we should joyfully celebrate.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. And even more so, it shouldn’t be. Research has shown that a lack of adequate sleep can cause reduced focus, impair judgment, increase irritability, affect your memory, and more – all of which can greatly affect your ability to care for and enjoy your baby.  Sleep is an essential part of our daily function, and this is especially true once a new baby comes into the picture. So what’s a new mom or dad to do?




The early years of parenthood shouldn’t be something to survive, but to enjoy. With you and your baby sleeping through the night, waking up rested, and having the energy to tackle the day, you’ll be able to do just that and experience parenthood as it was meant to be.  So how does this magic happen?


With the support of a baby sleep coach, of course.


An expert in all things sleep, a baby sleep coach helps your baby learn how to sleep peacefully, independently, and restoratively so that they, and you, can get the rest you need. Their support is individually tailored to each family they support, offering you an in-person, unique, and baby-led method of sleep training. By the end of your time together, your baby will be able to put themselves to bed at night and for naps, sleep all night long, and wake in the morning with a smile on their face.  With your baby sleeping, you’ll be able to do the same and open the door of possibilities that come with well-rested parenthood:

You can attend yoga, grab coffee with friends, or explore the city because you have the energy to do so.

You can enjoy a date night out, confident that your baby will go down easily with a sitter.

You can travel, knowing your baby’s new sleep skills will go wherever they go.

You can love being a parent.

Don’t let sleep deprivation and barely getting by be your new normal. Thrive with the support of a sleep coach. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the rest you need.